Nice to meet you: New interns


Early September we welcomed 3 new interns within our team. Anne Fleur, Milou and Tugba will be joining us for the next 6 months and we would like to introduce them to you.

Nice to meet you Milou!

Milou is 20 years old and comes from a small village called Haaren. Milou; "Architecture has always attracted my attention because of the constant developments within architecture.

I am currently in my 4rd year of studying architecture at the Hogeschool in Arnhem. The next 6 months I can get to know the business world and work on some super cool projects.

The vacancy for the internship at Bim&Beyond really appealed to me. Previously, I did an orientation internship at an architectural firm where I learned a lot about architecture. Now I wanted to work at a large company where I can learn a lot about the technical side of architecture. Bim&Beyond seemed a very suitable company where I can learn a lot and expand my expertise. My goal is to gain as much knowledge as possible. The working atmosphere here is very nice and I can always turn to my colleagues when I get stuck. In addition, the connection and cooperation with other departments is excellent.

After my internship and graduation I want to gain more knowledge in the field of earth and environmental sciences. I find the research question within the sustainability branch of architecture super interesting. In the future I would like to learn more about this.

Nice to meet you Tugba!

Tugba is 20 years old and comes from Rotterdam. Tugba; "The technical aspect of architecture interests me the most within my study of architecture.

Through the MBO Architecture course my affinity with architecture started. I completed this study in 3 years because I was so passionate and driven. After this study I could continue to HBO Architecture at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. I completed this study in 3 years as well. In recent years I have had 2 internships at an engineering firm and on a construction site, so my experience within the technical side of architecture is already quite broad.

I am currently a 3rd year Architecture student at Hogeschool Rotterdam and may support the team of Bim&Beyond for the next 6 months. I am good in building technology. In my previous internships, I have already learned a lot about Revit and I can now use that knowledge in large and small projects.

Bim&Beyond seemed like a nice company with a cozy team where my expertise can give an added value. I work in the department and support the team with large projects and help with the daily work.

My ambition is to set up my own architectural firm later on. After graduating, I plan to continue my path at TU Delft or the Academy of Architecture. I still have a long way to go, but I am very much looking forward to it.

Nice to meet you Anne Fleur!

Anne Fleur is 21 years old and lives in The Hague because she studies architecture at the Haagse Hogeschool. Anne Fleur; "The creativity and technical side of architecture appealed to me at a young age.

I am currently in my 3rd year of studying architecture at the Hogeschool in Arnhem. The next 6 months I will be working in the department and I will support the team as much as possible in their daily work.

I chose to do an internship at Bim&Beyond because the vacancy appealed to me. My goal is to increase my knowledge of the technical side of architecture. I really enjoy the internship, but of course it takes some getting used to because I have never done an internship before. This is exciting but also a nice challenge. I learn a lot about Bim from my nice colleagues.

Because I have only just started working here, I am now mainly observing and learning in order to gain as much technical construction knowledge as possible so that I can then work on larger projects. My colleagues are helping me a lot during this process, so I expect to have a great time ahead of me.

For now, after my internship at Bim&Beyond, my prospect is to complete my studies in Architecture at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and then to continue studying at TU Delft Architecture.''

"We denken in grote lijnen maar we leven in details" (Alfred N. Whitehead)