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Bim&Beyond is a full-service agency from an initial feasibility study to the delivery of a fully developed as-built BIM model for the optimal exploitation of your building.

The great advantage of working with Bim&Beyond is the knowledge and skills they bring in from their architectural background. This is reflected in the process and the end result.

Rob Thijssen, Project Manager Real Estate and Housing at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Transforming your real estate?

To give existing buildings a new lease of life is to build sustainably in the best possible form. By no means always have the potential of the existing building been sufficiently researched in order to arrive at a balance between demolition and transformation. We use our knowledge, skills and creativity to explore possibilities that were previously unknown or even unsuspected. By analysing and explaining the current trends, we gain insight into the expected trends. By formulating alternatives, redefining problems and depicting other realities, we give you insight into the unexpected possibilities of existing buildings.

Make your building smart

The BIM model contains a lot of information regarding materials, manufactures, types and, for example, furniture. This simplifies the process of management and maintenance, as it is possible to consult the model for information, for example, during repair work. Product and type numbers, installation date and date of replacement are then easy to find and maintain.

+ Savings on the adaptation of drawings and models,

+ savings on MJOP inspections,

+ less time spent searching for information,

+ strong reduction in failure costs during construction and operation,

+ real-time information on the performance of buildings and facilities services.

It is becoming easier and more affordable to make a building "smart". Presence and behaviour and preferences are measured. With this information it is possible to steer much more specifically on comfort and energy consumption. Making this user information visible and usable can also be done via the BIM model.


From feasibility study to maintenance plan

+ feasibility study

+ Measurement(digital)

+ single permit

+ project management

+ maintenance plan

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"Some futures can be predicted, others must be designed."