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Drawing, calculating and arranging is our passion and specialty. We communicate, verify and coordinate with a BIM model in which all solutions and agreements are fully established. Where different disciplines in the building process often do not understand each other, we feel at home on the interface between architecture and building, theory and practice, thinking and doing. We are an integral co-maker to strengthen your core activity. We support builders, architects and building owners.

BIM + drawings

The first physical prototype is the building itself. Digital prototyping prevents any problems from only coming to light in practice. With BIM we create a 3D model with a database from which we can easily generate 2D drawings and all kinds of information. Conversely, we also bring decisions during the design and construction process back into the model to provide insight into the consequences. So that, despite the dynamics of a complex project, the various parties involved always know where they stand.

We make all 2d and 3d technical drawings for you. For our BIM modelling we use Revit.

Building Information Model:

+ BIM modelling

+ BIM coordination (clash-detection)

+ BIM consultancy (advice)

+ BIM control (process)

+ BIM management (operation)

Technical drawings:

+ Existing condition

+ Permit drawings

+ Work drawings

+ Revision drawings

+ NEN2580 floor plans/surfaces

+ NEN1414 flight plans

BIM + construction technology

Building is subject to constant, rapid change. You can choose to do all the efforts required to properly perform the integrating task yourself. However, you can also call in a construction specialist to support and relieve you of your worries.

Building advice:

+ Integrated design

+ specifications

+ cost advice

+ single permit

+ facade engineering

+ fire advice


+ Quickscan

+ Measurement(digital)

+ NEN2767 condition measurement

+ RgdBOEI inspection

BIM + projectmanagement

More complex construction processes and projects have led to new roles, characters and many advisors. But who is the construction director? Who makes the coherence in design and construction? Who ensures that your starting points are actually realised? Together with you, we keep all aspects of the project under control. The design, but also the costs, time, quality and exploitation. We encourage cooperation between the parties involved, so that you get the best possible end result.


+ Project management

+ BIM direction and coordination

+ Prices and contracts


Building quality:

+ Supervision

+ Second opinion

+ Management

BIM + real estate advice

The real estate market is complex. Together with Bim&Beyond, you determine a strategy that not only offers financial insight but also focuses on sustainability. Bim&Beyond is your co-maker and sparring partner in research, project coordination, BIM development and cost management.

Plan development:

+ total engineering

+ feasibility study

+ sustainability advice

+ building transformations

+ demand specification


+ sustainable maintenance plan

+ total cost of ownership

+ Use notification

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating."