And so it happened. Rotterdam quality.

We are Bim&Beyond, founded in 2014. Part of Kraaijvanger Architects from Rotterdam. In 1927 Kraaijvanger Architects was founded by the brothers Evert and Herman Kraaijvanger. They set to work in a carpentry workshop with an incredible eye for detail and material. During the reconstruction, the firm experienced strong growth and nowadays Kraaijvanger is an architectural firm that focuses on socially involved architecture.

In November 2018 Erwin Spuybroek will take over as director. He cherishes the vision of Kraaijvanger and Bim&Beyond and believes in BIM as the next step for the architectural industry. Together we are building a circular world. At the end of 2019, K-support changed its name to Bim&Beyond.

Our senses

Bim&Beyond uses five principles (our "senses") that help us to make the difference in projects.

1. An eye for detail

Architecture, construction and sustainability are in our DNA. Bim&Beyond stands in the tradition of Kraaijvanger Architects. We work with the same carpenter's instinct as that of Kraaijvanger since it was founded in 1927. Quality down to the last detail, that's what it's all about.

2. All ears

Bim&Beyond understands your language. We know how essential a plan development according to your ideas is. And more importantly, we know how to make this happen in the built end result.

3. All noses in the same direction

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. BIM is not only for 3D drawing but based on collaboration and information sharing. The cooperation that forms part of Bim&Beyond's identity is the real added value to take projects to a higher level and to guarantee and improve quality at all times.

4. This tastes like more

Bim&Beyond doesn't like cumbersomeness. A good brainstorming session delivers more than just multiple formal meetings. Thick reports look impressive, but if possible, the essence fits us on one sheet. A drawing says more than a thousand words and a to-the-point spreadsheet says the same. This makes consultation with the client, user(s) and advisors faster, clearer and more pleasant.

5. Feel the difference

We love KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. At Bim&Beyond we keep it simple. No long stories that make everything look better than it is. We like a no-nonsense approach and this is how we work. We like smart building. A smart solution looks so simple that you wonder afterwards how you would have ever wanted to do things differently.

"The most important thing in communication is to hear what is not said."