Nice to meet you: Cristobal Monetti


Small details make the difference

We recently welcomed a new colleague to our team. We would like to introduce him to you!

Cristobal was born in Argentina but grew up in Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Early July, he started working as a technical designer at Bim&Beyond. Cristobal; "I love all kinds of activities where you are surrounded by nature. Through my experience in architecture I learned that small details make the difference.

After getting my Bachelor's degree at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, my career started, this is where my passion for architecture began. After I got my Bachelor's degree I entered the field of work as Jr. Architect to develop myself more. This period was very instructive and here I was prepared to work as a Freelance Architect. My first project was in Rotterdam, on this project I worked from concept to construction and completion. After this fun challenge I worked as an Architect/BIM modeler at an engineering firm where I was responsible for the TO-OU phases of various projects. To come full circle, I completed my Master's degree in Official Autodesk Revit Architecture in CICE, Spain.

Since the beginning of July, I may join the team of Bim&Beyond as a Technical Designer. Before I started here I had no expectations, I only knew that it would be a new challenge for me. I love the working environment and the way we share our expertise. Every day you can learn something new from each other.

My expertise is in technical design and project coordination. Project coordination for a team was new to me. This is tough but at the same time a fun challenge.

My goal is to continue to grow and develop myself as an Architect.'

"We denken in grote lijnen maar we leven in details" (Alfred N. Whitehead)