BIM Lab # 05: Does all information have to be in a Revit model?


Bim often thinks of a 3d model, but the "i" of bim stands for information. This data is becoming increasingly essential.

Does all this information have to be put in the bim model by the modeller? We have examined whether project partners without BIM knowledge can also add information to the BIM model. We share our knowledge and experiences on this subject.

0:00 - 1:32 Introduction

1:33 - 2:35 How can a consultant place information in a model ?:

2:36 - 5:30 1. Copy requirements manually

5:31 - 7:40 2. Working with a requirements model

7:51 - 20:21 3. Working from a central platform

20:22 - 21:27 Conclusion

21:28 - Discussion & discussion

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“Power, today, comes from sharing information, not withholding it”