BIM-Lab #10: Using Relatics


BIM-Lab #10 part 1

Is quality assurance in Relatics a pleasure or a burden? How does that go together with BIM? We discussed these and other questions in dialogue with Ivo Izelaar and Nisam Shami of BAM Zuidwest. It turned out that there is a lot to tell. Here is the first of three videos in which we talk about how to deal with requirements in Relatics.

#10. Relatics, Part 2: Verify in BIM

Part 2 of BIM-Lab 10 is about verifying the data in a BIM model, but how does this actually work?

#10. Relatics, Part 3: (law of) quality assurance

BIM-Lab #10 part 3 is about quality assurance of Relatics. Here it is about tests and requirements that can be added.

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