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Do you want to work together optimally in BIM but you don't know how yet? We are happy to share our knowledge with you in the BIM-Lab video's.

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Experience what BIM can do for you as an architect, draftsman, developer and contractor. During the BIM Lab, Erwin Spuybroek and Ido de Boer from Bim & Beyond will take you on a BIM journey. We share our experiences and provide tips on how to better collaborate remotely with BIM.

BIM-Lab video's

#11. Parametric Design

BIM-Lab #11 covers the possibilities of parametric design in an approachable way. How do you generate a design with variables and how do you deploy it effectively? We take you into the world of Dynamo using our housing concept Flex!

#10. Relatics, Part 3: (law of) quality assurance

BIM-Lab #10 part 3 is about quality assurance of Relatics. Here it is about tests and requirements that can be added.

#10. Relatics, Part 2: Verify in BIM

Part 2 of BIM-Lab 10 is about verifying the data in a BIM model, but how does this actually work?

#10. Relatics, Part 1: How does that work exactly?

Is quality assurance in Relatics a pleasure or a burden? How does that go together with BIM? We discussed these and other questions in dialogue with Ivo Izelaar and Nisam Shami of BAM Zuidwest. It turned out that there is a lot to tell about them. Here are the first of three videos in which we talk about how to deal with requirements in Relatics.

#09: Archicad & Revit

It is often thought that it is not possible to continue working between Archicad and Revit files, because they are different modeling programs. There are indeed limitations, but surprisingly much is still possible. We have tested a few things for you and share our experiences in this video.

#08. 10 tips voor een digitaal opleverdossier

Completion of a construction project has long since ceased to be done on one A4 sheet. Clients ask for much more information and that often leads to mountains of paper. This can be done differently with a digital delivery file. We give 10 tips for creating a digital delivery file based on a bim model.

#07. System Engineering en BIM… Een gelukkig huwelijk?

In construction projects more and more information has to be transferred due to the increasing size and complexity. Systems engineering (SE) is a way to capture all this information effectively. With

Jan Willem Kattouw of Clearbox we discuss in the BIM-Lab livestream how a BIM model can be used for Systems Engineering.

#06. Realtime visualisaties maken met een BIM Model

A powerful image says more than a thousand words. That is why our colleagues at Plotvis make beautiful visualisations and videos. In this BIM Lab we tell you how:

- our Revit models come to life through the use of visualisations

- Visualizations are adjusted in real time with a BIM Model.

#05. Moet alle informatie in een Revit model?

BIM is often thought of as a 3d model, but the “i” of BIM stands for information. This data is becoming increasingly important. Does all that information have to be put into the bim model by the modeller? We looked at whether project partners without BIM knowledge could also add information to the BIM model. In this video we share our knowledge and experiences.

#04. Hoezo minder faalkosten door BIM?

BIM is often mentioned in the same breath with a reduction in failure costs. But is BIM the ultimate medicine or is more needed? We talked about it with Jan Willem Kattouw from Clearbox during the fourth BIM-Lab livestream.

#03. 10 Tips Over Pointcloud en 'Streetview' BIM-Lab

Over time, we have gained experience with both point clouds and a photo-realistic walk through your building. We explain what is useful in your BIM model and share our do's and don'ts.

#02. Dynamisch coördinatiemodel BIM-Lab

After the general introduction in the first BIM Lab, in this second episode, we went into more detail about the so-called dynamic coordination model. An online virtual building model that anyone can extract and add information to at any time and in any place.

#01. De eerste BIM-Lab Livestream

In March 2020, at the start of the corona epidemic, we started our BIM Labs. In this first episode we shared our experiences and the latest developments about remote collaboration in a bim model. The reason was the more optimal collaboration in a bim model with our customers, but also internally with colleagues during and after the corona lockdown.

“Power, today, comes from sharing information, not withholding it”